The word, Terra Lux, is the Latin for Earth Light. The Community of Terra Lux is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, online, global, all volunteer Educational Institute for personal growth (from concept to action), and serves as the parent organization for the Spiritual Path Association (SPA).

On December 31, 1986, Waith, an Archangel, began speaking (channelling) through Mushiba. After several months of public gatherings with Waith, a group meditation was held and the vision we had was that a new opportunity for light was coming to Earth. We saw this as a way for each of us as well as our community to deal with the everyday challenges and opportunities for lesson learning and growth. In each of our sessions with Waith he would lead us in sending light to the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Therefore, Waith’s message seemed to us to be the light that was needed in our community and on the Earth as a whole.



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